Gramática práctica - Spanish grammar worksheets

Gramática práctica - Spanish grammar worksheets

Gramática práctica is an indispensable fully photocopiable resource with a wealth of stimulating Spanish grammar worksheets that will save you hours of preparation time. A reliable approach to expanding and improving Spanish grammar skills; the resource is spiral-bound to make photocopying easier.

Each worksheet includes a presentation and explanation section, offering pupils all the advice and support they need. The grammar point is presented in context and then clearly explained in English. The lively artwork in the presentation section will aid pupils’ understanding further, and help to make learning more enjoyable.

This is then followed by a practice section, giving pupils the opportunity to manipulate – or recognise – the grammar point themselves. All rubrics are given in English to make sheets more user-friendly for individual study, homework and cover lessons.

The benefits of Gramática práctica include:

  • fully photocopiable
  • lively presentation
  • all explanations and rubrics in English, for independent use
  • presentation, explanation AND practice all on the same page
  • receptive-knowledge structures practised through recognition-only tasks

Ideal for ages 11-14/KS3 (Years 7-9) or S1-3 in Scotland.

German (Einfach Grammatik) and French (Grammaire créative) versions of this resource are also available.

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