Lies mich 1 & 2 - German reading cards

Lies mich 1 & 2 - German reading cards

These colourful reading cards are the ideal resource for German language learning. The stimulating activities are guaranteed to boost pupils’ confidence and inspire the imagination of even the most reluctant reader.

The cards provide a variety of reading texts which your pupils can access independently. The texts are motivating and challenging, complementing and extending the materials in all the main course books. Also included is a CD containing an electronic copy of all the cards, which allows you to project them onto a whiteboard for whole-class teaching.

There are two sets of reading cards available for each language - box 1 or box 2.

Each set comprises a strong plastic box containing fifty different, A4 laminated reading cards with text and activities on one side and vocabulary support and extension activities on the other. There are three copies of each card in each box.

Each box also contains brief notes for the teacher, as well as record and answer cards.

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