Tapas Travels

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Tapas Travels

To hear samples of the songs and meet the characters, see: www.tapastravels.com

A unique language learning resource for young children.

Follow the adventures of Café Conchita Leche, Jorge Jamón, Hugo Helado, Carlos Chorizo, Señorita Sangría, Pilar Paella and the cheeky Tortilla Twins  as they travel through Spain and start their new lives at the Sesame Restaurant in Valencia.

Discover the vibrancy, music and culture of Spain and the Spanish language in a highly original and creative series of stories, rhymes and songs written by an experienced team of teachers, musicians and early years practitioners.

  • Section 1 introduces the 7 characters who work together at the restaurant
  • Section 2 explores the community around the restaurant and gives an insight into Spanish life
  • Section 3 introduces the wider spanish speaking world through the lives and experiences of customers who eat at the restaurant.

This exciting new series is designed  to build confidence and develop Spanish language skills with younger learners, creating a solid foundation on which to base language learning in Key Stage 2.  Tapas Travels is unique as it promotes higher level thinking skills, encouraging children to apply what they have learned by using language in a variety of different ways.

The stories are ideal to use in regular language lessons, or as a base for developing cross-curricular themes.

The resource pack includes:

  • 21 individual story books
  • 1 CD containing songs - one for each story and the Sesame Song
  • 1 CD with audio files of the stories   and a comprehensive guide for teachers and parents

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The Tapas Travels Series contains 21 individual stories:

Section One introduces the characters and the different regions in Spain that they travel from:

  • Book 1 Café Conchita Leche
  • Book 2 Carlos Chorizo
  • Book 3 Hugo Helado
  • Book 4 Jorge Jamón
  • Book 5 Pilar Paella
  • Book 6 Señorita Sangría
  • Book 7  Tortilla Twins

Section 2 explores the vibrant community life of the restaurant; 

  • Book 1 Noche de los libros
  • Book 2 Día del Zumo
  • Book 3 Pintando el Restaurante
  • Book 4 Noche Orgánica
  • Book 5 Las Fallas
  • Book 6 El Mercado
  • Book 7 El Concierto

Section 3 takes us on a journey through the Spanish speaking world through the lives of customers who visit Restaurant Sesame;

  • Book 1 Cocinando con los niños
  • Book 2 El Director
  • Book 3 Jose Timo
  • Book 4 Futbolista famoso
  • Book 5 El Granjero
  • Book 6 Los Músicos
  • Book 7 El Médico

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