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Inspiring Confidence and Creativity in Primary French (Download Only)

What is LinguaNova?

A fresh approach to engaging pupils and inspiring young learners with a passion for languages offering a “one-stop shop” which provides Teachers with an essential toolkit for delivering outstanding French language lessons at KS2:

  • Ready-made lesson plans which can be tailored to your class
  • Planning frameworks with clear, purposeful learning outcomes
  • Detailed teachers’ notes for each unit of work
  • Assessment and Monitoring activities
  • Lively and engaging resources for building confidence and developing language skills
  • Everything from reading and writing to cross-curricular links and display ideas
  • Accessible online as a perpetual licence 24/7 with for £99 per year group or £350 for all four years at KS2.

What makes us different?

LinguaNova has been developed by a team of linguists who share a passion for teaching and learning languages.  Built around LCP’s Primary French language teaching resources, LinguaNova goes one step further by providing teaching material, plus support and guidance to build confidence in language teaching. Our ready-to-use lessons are available wherever and whenever you need them, helping you to enthuse and inspire a new generation of language learners.

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Unit 1:  Moi

This unit contains 7 Lessons complete with lesson plans, teachers' notes, games and activities.

Lesson 1: The languages we speak
Lesson 2:  Meeting and Greeting
Lesson 3:  Introducing yourself
Lesson 4:  Numbers 1-10
Lesson 5:  How old are you?
Lesson 6:  Introducing your family
Lesson 7:  Assessing what we have learnt 

Unit 2: On fait la fête

Lesson 1: Let's count to twenty
Lesson 2: What day is it?
Lesson 3:  Happy Birthday! 1
Lesson 4: Happy Birthday! 2
Lesson 5: Celebration time, come on
Lesson 6: The first Noël!
Lesson 7:  Assessing what we have learnt

Unit 3: A l'école maternelle

Lesson 1: What is the date today?
Lesson 2: The alphabet
Lesson 3: My school items
Lesson 4: What is in our classroom?
Lesson 5: Teacher says ...
Lesson 6: It's playtime!

Unit 4: Dans la forèt lointaine

Lesson 1: Meet the animals
Lesson 2: Animal Orchestra
Lesson 3: Animal descriptions
Lesson 4: Animal habitats
Lesson 5 & 6: The four friends

Unit 5: Les Portraits

Lesson 1: Head, shoulders, knees & toes
Lesson 2: The colours of the rainbow
Lesson 3: Funny faces
Lesson 4: Brico-monstre (Make a monster)
Lesson 5: Il a les yeux bleus (He has blue eyes)
Lesson 6: Elle a les cheveux blonds (She has blond hair)

Unit 6: A vos marques, prêts, partez!

Lesson 1: The farmer's in his den
Lesson 2: How many farmers?
Lesson 3: Playground games
Lesson 4: Numbers 0-21
Lesson 5: Favourite playground games
Lesson 6: I like playing hide and seek

Unit 7:  Ca pousse

This unit contains 7 French lessons complete with lesson plans, teachers' notes, stories, activities plus vocabulary building drama and role play:

Lesson 1: Grape harvest festival
Lesson 2:  Do you like vegetables?
Lesson 3:  Life cycle of a plant
Lesson 4:  Jack and the Beanstalk
Lesson 5:  At the market
Lesson 6:  Buying fruit and vegetables
Lesson 7:  Assess what we have learnt

Unit 8: L'argent de poche

Lesson 1:  Numbers and gifts
Lesson 2: Likes and dislikes
Lesson 3: Birthday presents
Lesson 4: Board games
Lesson 5: BuyingChristmas and birthday gifts 
Lesson 6: Advertising a products
Lesson 7: Assess what we have learnt

Unit 9: La santé

Lesson 1: I play tennis
Lesson 2: Èlodie loves tennis
Lesson 3: Swimming is relaxing
Lesson 4: Diary of sporting activities
Lesson 5: Healthy eating
Lesson 6: Healthy living poster campaign
Lesson 7: Assessment material

Unit 10: On y Va

Lesson 1: Countries in Europe
Lesson 2: On the way to school
Lesson 3: Les pays francophones et le transport
Lesson 4: Les Pays Francophones - les drapeaux
Please note that this unit contains 4 lessons, which can be extended to suit your school timetable.

Unit 11: Quelle heure est-il?

Lesson 1: Telling the time
Lesson 2: Mon matin (My morning)
Lesson 3: Le petit déjeuner (Breakfast time!)
Lesson 4: Le Soir (The evening)
Lesson 5: Le soir chez moi (The evening at my house)
Lesson 6: Ma Semaine (My week)


Unit 12: Quel temps fait-il?

Lesson 1: Quel temps fait-il? (What's the weather like?)
Lesson 2: Ça rime!

Unit 13: On Mange!

Lesson 1:  Packed Lunch
Lesson 2:  Do You Like Your Lunch?
Lesson 3:  Is It Healthy?
Lesson 4:  A Celebration of Food
Lesson 5:  Ready, Steady, Cooking for Celebrations
Lesson 6:  Making a Pizza
Lesson 7:  What have we learnt?  Assessment

Unit 14: Au Café

Lesson 1: Café food and drink
Lesson 2: French café culture
Lesson 3: Café menus
Lesson 4: Ordering an ice cream
Lesson 5: Christmas food, drink and traditions
Lesson 6: Christmas lunch dialogue
Lesson 7: What have we learnt?

Unit 15: La Musique m'inspire

Lesson 1: I play the piano
Lesson 2: I love pop music
Lesson 3: Music of the World
Lesson 4: Je suis le musicien
Lesson 5: It's a rap
Lesson 6: Performance skills

Unit 16: Mon rythme scolaire 

Lesson 1: Places in our school
Lesson 2: School Activities
Lesson 3: Telling the Time
Lesson 4: What time is Maths?
This unit contains four lessons which can be extended to suit your school timetable.

Unit 17: Notre monde         (The world around us)

Lesson 1: Travelling across continents
Lesson 2: Finding locations
Lesson 3: What to see and do in France
Lesson 4: French-speaking countries
Lesson 5: International travel
Lesson 6: Foreign penpals

Unit 18: Explorer l'Afrique

Lesson 1: Voyage autour du monde
Lesson 2: Les animaux dans le monde
Lesson 3: Paysages et Habitats
Lesson 4: La France et l'Afrique - Comparaison
Lesson 5: Un Monde Imaginaire

Unit 19: Je Suis Artiste!

Lesson 1  French Artists
Lesson 2  Scène de Plage Edgar Degas 1
Lesson 3  Scène de Plage Edgar Degas 2
Lesson 4  Poetry 1
Lesson 5  Poetry 2
Lesson 6  I am an artist and a poet
Lesson 7  What have we learnt?  

Unit 20:  Les quatre saisons

Lesson 1 Clothes
Lesson 2 Weather and seasons
Lesson 3 Months and seasons
Lesson 4 Singing about the seasons
Lesson 5 The myth of Persephone
Lesson 6 The world of Hades and Persephone 

Unit 21: Les Planètes

Lesson 1 Introducing the Planets
Lesson 2 Describing the Planets
Lesson 3 Describing the Planets
Lesson 4 Distances from the sun
Lesson 5 Describing the Planets
Lesson 6 Presenting the Planets

Unit 22: Ma ville

Lesson 1: En ville
Lesson 2: Sur le chemin de l'école
Lesson 3: Les directions
Lesson 4: Les horaires (Travel times)
Lesson 5: À l'office due tourisme

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